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Liqquid is a new app for homeownership. For most people, their home will be their biggest investment, and their main source of wealth. The equity value of homes in the UK has trebled over the last 20 years to over £6 trillion, which has been great for owners. However, it's become a lot more difficult for anyone to get on the housing ladder.

There are apps for managing many aspects of our lives, but none for homeownership, which is why we created Liqquid. We want to help make it easier for everyone to get on the housing ladder, and to allow homeowners to be able to do more with the wealth they have created.

Knowing what a home is worth is the first step. We've designed a valuation model from scratch so that we could analyse everything that influences how houses are priced. Artificial intelligence is used to process billions of data points in a truly unique way. It's part of our commitment to make Liqquid estimates a highly reliable starting point for any purchase, sale or investment decision.

Free estimates for most properties in England & Wales

View free Liqquid valuation estimates for over 26 million residential properties listed by postcode

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See what types of property are getting sold each year

See property sales in each street or postcode broken down by building type over each of the last 10 years

View sold prices and average valuations per street

See the most recent transaction price of all sold properties in England and Wales as well as average valuations per postcode

Adjust your valuation by providing additional data

Generate a more accurate valuation of a property instantly by entering more details on its features and condition

Set up a property watchlist or value a portfolio instantly

Create a list of properties you are looking to buy, invest in or sell, or get an instant estimate of the total value of a portfolio that you own

About us

We're a team of entrepreneurs passionate about property, technology and finance. For several years, we've been focusing on changing the housing market for the better.

We identified three major problems that we wanted to tackle. Firstly, it has become too expensive for most people to buy their first home, which has lead to significant wealth inequality across society. Secondly, many homeowners are sitting on a lot of equity value that isn't "spendable", leaving them "asset rich" but "cash poor". Thirdly, too many people are struggling to get a roof over their heads due to a chronic lack of social housing. 

It was clear that conventional thinking was not going to solve any of these difficult issues. Our first step was to develop new trading technology (similar to that used in stock markets) which made it easier to own property with a much smaller investment, and in a much more flexible way. Our second step was to find a way to value homes more accurately. The final step has been to build an app that allowed people to manage their journey towards homeownership in a simple and convenient way, bringing much-needed solutions, including funding, into one place. 

A beta version of our app will be released in June 2023. You can read more about how we are trying to improve the housing market in our blog.


Liqquid has an entrepreneurial team with a blend of experience in real estate investment and development, fund management, building marketplaces, equity and debt trading technology and artificial intelligence.

Paul Toon


Steven Karas

Business Development Director

Jack Pearce

investment manager

Richard Pearce MRICS

Project Director

Abhi Ranawat


Adam Clarey

Senior developer

Sefa Bolge

Sn. Software developer

Will German

Advisory Board

Philip Astley-Sparke

Advisory Board

Pierre Foucault

advisory board

Ben James

Investment Advisor

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